[CR]that bolt!

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:56:34 -0400
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: "ADP" <aphillips9@mindspring.com>
Subject: [CR]that bolt!

David Benson says:
>I'm not so sure that the the seat post bolt on a Super Record post
>really had a 13mm head- every one I've had has been more like 1/2".
>The allen head bolt for the C-Record seat post part #7350162, will
>fit. This is not the same bolt as the the one on more common
>Chorus/Athena/Victory seat post, which had a coarser thread.
>Alternately, SRP used to make a Ti bolt, which you might be able to find.

Oh good, its not just ME! I was beginning to wonder tho - seemed kind of odd that a 13mm was slightly loose. Thanks for the part number!

Chuck Brooks says:
>David and All,
>I think you are on to something! I just came back from the workshop where I
>measured seven (7) SR seat post (three are NIB) bolts. They ALL measured
>12.8mm across the flats. I looked at my Norton International conversion
>chart and
>12.8mm is closer to 1/2" (12.700mm) than it is to 13mm. That done, I picked
>out a nice 13mm craftsman box wrench as well as a 1/2" wrench and the 1/2"
>fits like the proverbial glove, while the 13mm is a bit sloppy!!!
>I always thought the damn bolt was 13mm and never gave it a second thought
>until now!!
>Keep it original!!!

Oh, if it was my bike it would be, but it isn't my bike. I'm just glad that boyfriend of mine prefers lugged steel. It would be a deal breaker if he didn't.

And Chuck Schmidt says:
>I never had any problems with the original 13 mm hex bolt on the Nuovo
>Super Record seatpost. Always used the Campagnolo #2025 "Special brake
>spanner" for adjustments (wrench measures approx. 6" and thin). Also
>never had the adjustment slip, so I never carried the wrench either. (I
>also never had problems with the Cinelli 1R stem though, so my
>experiences might not be the norm.)

Chuck S. - *sigh* Of course you would have the correct Campy tool! I agree, thought if the seat post bolt properly adjusted out of the gate and checked when the bike gets its regular look-over, chances are its not going to go out of adjustment on a ride. I like the Cinelli 1R stem too, and mine never slipped either, but I do check that bolt when I look over my bike, something more people need to do on a regular basis.

To Brian and Wayne - thanks for the tips too!

Ann Phillips - Decatur GA