Re: 16 mm = 5/8" was Re: [CR]that bolt!

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 20:32:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fred Rafael Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: 16 mm = 5/8" was Re: [CR]that bolt!
To: Sheldon Brown <>, HM & SS Sachs <>,
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> The common 5 x .8 bolts used for bottle cages,
        > fender/rack mounts and a myriad of other bike
        > applications are often functionally
        > interchangeable with #10-32.
        > However, I would point out that the use of the
        > term "imperial" is ambiguous if you don't specify
        > which empire it applies to...
     Yes, the interchangeability of #10-32 and 5 x .8 mm was used to good effect by Phil Wood in years gone by - i.e in the days when he used 7/16" Allen bolts in place of 8mm.
     As for the term "Imperial", I just knew someone would comment! Of course, my Robert Bentley repair manuals for Triumph and MG cars used the term freely and fully expected the reader to have no doubts about which empire they meant. :)
       Fred "Up With People" Rednor
       Arlington, Virginia