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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 10:03:43 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: Pete Imandt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Masi paint colors
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Your bike was built during the time that Jim Allen was the Masi painter. It's probably best to ask Jim about trim options and decal variations.

In the early days when Faliero was there, we were instructed to keep things consistant. No special colors or variations were allowed for the most part, at least as long as Faliero was around.

When I worked there the second time, I was the paint foreman and therefore had more control over what got painted, and how. I brought with me my experiences from making Wizard frames distinctive through the paint jobs. Faliero wasn't around the second time, so a few "custom" colors were used at times. I also "invented" a color that was flamboyant maroon that became a stock color. I painted a white bike with red head tube panel and also a flamboyant dark blue bike. The most "memorable" color was one that I sort of created and adopted as my "signature" color in my early days of framebuilding. The color is Periwinkle Blue, or French Blue. This signature color has recently resurfaced as the color seen on the Curt Goodrich frames I've painted. Pergolizzi now owns the frame that previously belonged to our beloved Chris Beyer. I have another custom being painted the same Periwinkle Blue as I speak. I painted a Masi that was special built for an employee, a childhood friend of mine that I ended up getting a job for at Masi! It was a 50cm frame or so, painted my signature Periwinkle. One of a kind. It was up for sale by CyclArt not that long ago. Certainly it is out there somewhere. I also painted a lavender one for myself which was quite unusual for a Masi. I don't know where that one ended up.

For the most part Masi colors don't vary that much from the original offerings. I suspect I might be responsible for the majority of the "perversions" in paint.

Pete, I don't mind fireing up the "Wayback Machine" every so often, but she's gonna' need a new muffler bearing soon. Anyone got a spare? Oh yeah, and some gas money.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA The trip home is cheaper; gas was less expensive back then!

> Brian Baylis wrote:
> > Interestingly, which color a particular Masi got
> > painted was determined by the buyer...
> >
> When I ordered my '78 from Krikbride's it was in Light
> Blue Metallic because that's the color I preferred.
> Are you aware of variables within a standard color's
> trim items? Mine has yellow windows, white "Masi" on the
> downtube and dark blue "Brev. Masi" on the stays.
> The remaining decals are accented in yellow.
> > Frames were stored finished and primed
> > once there began to be a surplus...
> >
> That explains the remarkably quick turn around time
> on my order. The only delays were probably the drying
> times involved in the painting process. (Kirkbride's
> LBS was only minutes away from the San Marcos Masi
> facility.)
> Thanks for spinning-up the way-back machine, again.


> Pete Imandt,

> Ramona, SoCal


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