[CR]FS: 3Rensho, aero-stylin' 57cm center-to-top

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From: "C. Andrews" <chasds@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 10:01:16 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS: 3Rensho, aero-stylin' 57cm center-to-top

For sale here the storied 3Rensho I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Much as I hate to part with it, it's really a size too big for me, for an 80s frame, and so, it's going.

Details and picture links below. $950 shipped in CONUS via FedEx ground

Early 80s 3Rensho with beautiful long-point lugs delicately filed. Team pearl-blue. The paint is in like-new condition throughout, a couple of tiny chips here and there, if that. Graphics are all in good shape except for a bit of flaking in a couple of spots: the graphics were not clear-coated for some unaccountable reason, and they are in amazing shape, considering.

57cm c-t seat-tube; 56cm c-c top-tube.

Tange tubing, and what's super-cool is, the seat-stays are aero-shaped! Very neat.

If this were a 55 or a 56cm c-t I'd keep it, but, as it is, it's a little big for me, for an 80s frame, and so, it's yours.


This would have been purchased as a bare frame and built up. This one is built up in semi-aero fashion, with Araya hard-anodized aero sew-up rims; Suntour Superbe hubs (the hub bearings are good, but could use a re-build before riding)--these are very light, high-quality wheels;

Avocet aero-style cranks; MKS Esquartz aero-pedals; beautiful pro-quality aero seatpost (maker's name not visible) Huret Jubilee derailleurs; Nitto Technomic deluxe stem and Cinelli 66-40 bars; gorgeous Dura-Ace headset, and aero-style Dura-Ace dt shifters;

and, my favorite feature, Dia-Compe Royal Gran Compe brakes and matching levers and hoods. These are similar to the Superbe brakes of the same era, but I think the folks at Dia-Compe tweeked their brakes a bit over the Superbes..these brakes are almost as delicate as modern double-sprung brakes, and they stop significantly better than Superbe or Campagnolo, in my opinion. Delicate and powerful brakes, that's for sure.


This bike is also, unaccountably, quite fast. I had it out on a Wheelman ride recently, during which we climbed a fairly long, steep canyon, and the bike seemed to carry me up the hill without me doing much of anything at all. I even beat a guy who normally dusts me. It climbs as well or better than anything else I've pushed up a hill, vintage or modern. And the bike is like a Derby horse in the final stretch on the flats. It's pretty light for 1982 vintage iron. Probably around 21 lbs give-or-take a pound.







I don't know if the aero features on this frame were standard, or if this is a rarity. Either way, a 3Rensho bike in this condition isn't very common at all, and this one is a prime specimen of the breed. Can you tell I don't like selling it? I don't.

But, it's too big for me, and I have other projects calling, so, you get some great iron. Reserve is reasonable, and I'll throw in a nice 10 or 11cm aero-style Cinelli stem I know I have around here somewhere.

Please e-mail me with any questions, or if you have trouble with the picture links. Payment by personal check, mo, or Paypal is fine. MO preferred, but as you like.


Charles Andrews