[CR]WTB: lotsa bikes for my NYC bro's .... (maybe impossible)

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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:28:36 -0400
From: "ben kamen" <dupe@mac.com>
To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]WTB: lotsa bikes for my NYC bro's .... (maybe impossible)

hey all,

probably a tough call but my mates who are in need of a more wholesome lifestyle and some daylight hours have been hankering me to get them some stylin' rides. i need four (4) in total ..... they are all novices and entrusting me with some small coin ($250 - $360 shipped each) to get them started.

as they all live in NYC (read flat), are certified city rats and are slaves to street fashion all the bikes will be single-speeds till they are ready for fixed gear use .... ill do all the wheel re-dishing and chainline adjusting (unless you can which would be a big help), and will add new chains and single cogs. it would be good if i dont need to install or re-do any headsets or bottom brackets. i dont need pristine but it has to have good life left and operate/function without overhauling parts.

whats needed ......

complete bikes minus chains, derailleurs, gear shifters, freewheels and outer chainrings. a front brake only is cool. on the preferred list are long dropouts, traditional road geometry, clean and presentable frames and parts from the late 70's to late 80's period. all stems around 10cm's and bars around 40cm's in width. 700c clincher tires ONLY and all will need pedals too.

more specific? read below .....

"Mate #1" - Landscape gardener/designer from Auckland, NZ hankers for some chintzy/funky bronze or champagne pink colors (..... really !!) but any odd period color would suit. .... needs a 55cm c-c seat tube (+ or - 1cm). Cool japanese is good ... one of them lavender Lotus' would be perfect. can spend up to $270 shipped.

"Mate #2" - Barman from Paris who is a certified Jazz and Blues freak - would dig something french, but secretly adores anything italian. a vitus 979 wouldnt scare him either. this Guy is a special candidate as we are all chipping in to buy this for his upcoming birthday (the 27th of this month - gotta act fast!!!!). needs a 57cm seat tube c-c (+ or - 1cm) and likes classic solid colors and has a soft spot for some chrome. mid to late 80's is good and he is a Hinault fan. we can spend up to $360 shipped.

"Mate #3" - Designer/Stylist from Barcelona is persistently finicky with regard to just how a classic bike should look but he has been pushing me to find him a "super cool" bike for what seems like eon's. needs a 57cm c-c seat tube (+ or - 1cm) and his favorite words when explaining his wishes are "light and sexy" ..... reminds me of his girlfriend ... why did i introduce them?? he can spend up to $350 shipped.

"Mate #4" - A real Brooklyn-ite and a promising artist likes bikes "that are classic and old school". i asked him for a some further details and he mentioned he'd be "happy with something that isn't a girly color and that wont get stolen in a minute". this guy taught me how to play basketball (im still hurting) and i guess some of my impassioned banter about "bici" has rubbed off on him. Needs a 59cm c-c seat tube (+ or - 1cm). Can spend up to $250 shipped.

am i asking for the impossible???

they just need some nice looking bikes that run well. all correspondence will be with me and all payments will be prompt (paypal or Postal money order). shipping will be to NYC zip code 10009 if you need to make calculations. im not sweating the small stuff and as they wouldn't know any differently they are only willing to spend moderate cheese just in case classic bikes are maybe not their thing. my hope is they take a shine to it ...... i know they all appreciate the classic aesthetic of a traditional road bike ... im sure they will dig riding one as well. helmet and

feel free to email details and pics to me. even if it doesn't quite fit the above wish/want list but you may feel it appropiate lemme know as perhaps they may dig what you have.

anyone got 4 Kryptonite chains and locks in good condition?

peace out


ben kamen,
NYC (still ....)