[CR]DC area Vintage Ride September 13

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Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2003 00:06:33 -0400
From: HM & SS Sachs <sachs@erols.com>
To: Ken Sanford <kanford@comcast.net>
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cc: Ben Sanford <Ben@bikerider.com>
cc: Ben Sanford
Subject: [CR]DC area Vintage Ride September 13

At Ken "fixed-gear-forever" Sanford's request, I'm announcing that the next DC area vintage ride will be Saturday afternoon, September 13, 2:00 pm. We'll start in Kensington, MD, in the general vicinity of the Beltway @ Connecticut. This will follow the WABA swap meet that morning, see http://www.waba.org/new/gear/index.php for details.

Truth-in-advertising requires that I disclose that the route (not yet fixed) will NOT be fixed-gear-friendly, but will be fixed-gear-feasible. Bring Doctor's permission with your fixed gear (just kidding, and I suspect we'll have a mix of fixed and rational bikes and riders; the ambiguity is intentional).

Your mileage may vary.

harvey sachs mcLean Va.

Ken Sanford wrote:
>Harvey, Ben
>We need to do a CR ride! Perhaps in conjunction with the WABA swap gig on
>13 September. I would be willing to host here at my place (just off Beach
>Drive in Kensington). Think about it. let me know. Would have cc'ed
>others but don't know e-mail addressees of other locals.