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Gosh and all these years I had heard that those Schwinn kickstands were permanent and unremovable. Even one small LBS owner told me that; he hated Schwinns for that and other odd reasons.

Mark Cutrufelli Laurel,MD

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If you don't have the tool (I do) you can use a box wrench. It is difficult to explain. You have to experiment to find a wrench that will work but you slip the working end of the wrench over the end of the kick stand and slide it up against the spring retainer. Then hold the kick stand in one hand and the wrench handle in the other. If the wrench is the right size you will be able to use it as a lever to compress the (hidden) spring and remove the retaining pin. It helps to have another person to take out the pin. Sometimes you have to put a small piece of scrap like a nut between the wrench and the spring retainer thing... Jamie Swan - Northport, New York

HM & SS Sachs wrote:
> Pete Imandt wrote (in response to Raoul):
> I seem to recall that Schwinn had a purpose built tool for removing
> their kick stands. It compressed the spring while you extracted the
> steel stand. There must be some Schwinnites out there who still have
> that tool.
> I have the tool in my collection. For Cirque 2003, I brought a big
> display board with a bunch of old bike tools mounted on it. Since
> then, most have been brought back into use, but the Schwinn tool is
> still wired to the board. You bring the bike, you can use the tool
> (of course). Huffies need not apply, he said snobbishly.
> Of course, before I got the tool, we used to dismount them by
> carefully flexing the kickstand one direction or another until the
> retaining pin was loose and could be pulled out, but memory is dim on

> that.


> harvey sachs

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