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Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 22:25:48 -0700
From: Jim Allen <>
To: HM & SS Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Schwinn kickstand
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You could also use an appropriately sized boxend wrench for the same function, unless the pin is REALLY worn.

Jim Allen the CycleSmiths San Marcos, CA 92069

HM & SS Sachs wrote:
> Pete Imandt wrote (in response to Raoul):
> I seem to recall that Schwinn had a purpose built tool for removing their
> kick stands. It compressed the spring while you extracted the steel
> stand.
> There must be some Schwinnites out there who still have that tool.
> I have the tool in my collection. For Cirque 2003, I brought a big
> display board with a bunch of old bike tools mounted on it. Since
> then, most have been brought back into use, but the Schwinn tool is
> still wired to the board. You bring the bike, you can use the tool
> (of course). Huffies need not apply, he said snobbishly.
> Of course, before I got the tool, we used to dismount them by
> carefully flexing the kickstand one direction or another until the
> retaining pin was loose and could be pulled out, but memory is dim on
> that.
> harvey sachs
> McLean (Northern) VA