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Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 10:38:39 -0700
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Well thanks, Joe. I found the work must rewarding when I was learning everyday, so new ownership will have that advantage. Also, my plans will keep me local and available whenever new owners want to consult with me. For a small retainer, I would not mind answering customer email or calls that stump new owners.

Jim Cunningham CyclArtist

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You sell yourself short to say you can pass on all you know! You can certainly pass on what someone needs to know and having seen your documentation files what you have created is notable- the shop comes with the recipe book!

Good luck with the sale.

Joe Bender-Zanoni

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> It's true, CyclArt is for sale. I made the decision to sell about two years
> ago and have prepared the way for new ownership since. Business advisors
> recommend that advertisement of the sale be handled discretely through
> brokers, so we have never advertised the sale ourselves. Also, use of a
> broker means we can focus on business as usual. Recently, Lou Deeter saw a
> sale listing and posted a message here about it. I thought I'd fill in the
> details:
> CyclArt is a team effort. We have always made use of the skills of several
> craftspeople working in concert to accomplish the best possible result. I
> learned early on that painting at a high level, was a lot like music and one
> needs to do it constantly to keep one's chops. Also, there are significant
> business distractions in operating a paint shop; especially one that is
> committed to full service and being in full compliance with air quality and
> safety agencies. Many years ago, I hired office people to keep me in the
> shop. But as the business grew and assistants matured into self sufficient
> craftspeople, the shop could hum along without me, but the office always
> demanded my attention. So, now I coach and inspect the work of my crew, but
> spend most of my time in the office. I like having more time to be with my
> customers and I especially enjoy the research, design and artwork that go
> into doing the more obscure restorations and custom bikes.
> I've been operating CyclArt full time since the age of 19 and I suppose I've
> reached one of those midlife crisis. I remain passionately interested in
> bicycles, especially vintage lightweight, custom and antique bikes, but I DO
> have other interests. I have a plan and a vision for another venture, which
> has nothing to do with bikes. IF I can pass CyclArt on to new ownership, I
> can pursue my new vision. IF this were to happen, all existing staff, and
> resources stay with CyclArt, and there would be an extended training period
> during which I would pass along all I know to the new owner. We expect a
> seamless transition from the customer's point of view. This is not as
> daunting as it seems. Most days, the shop could operate just fine without
> me. I'm here because I want to be. Further, I've always been a very
> organized type and the idea of passing the company on has been in my head
> from the beginning. That's why it's CyclArt and not Cunningham Cycle
> Painting. CyclArt has a written procedures manual, a database of detailed
> estimate templates, comprehensive files and libraries. We have our vintage
> parts inventory well organized, including an online store. All the tools
> are in place for new ownership.
> CyclArt has always been structured as a team with overlapping duties. A new
> owner could focus on whichever aspect most appeals to them and staff would
> cover the rest. It is also possible to take the company in new directions
> both within and outside of the bicycle industry. I have ideas for that, but
> perhaps someone with a different set of talents could drive the company
> where I have not been able to.
> CyclArt has paid all my bills and supported several families since 1976.
> The income has never been great, but the satisfaction has been. For some
> one with the means to buy it and the talent to fly it, the sky is the limit.
> I'm ready to provide the maps, the keys and hand over the controls.
> We're having a good year and look forward to each day. At present there are
> no offers and no timelines. Our broker handles the advertising and
> screening of prospective buyers. I did not intend to bring this out on the
> CR list because I don't want to be distracted from the job at hand. If you
> are serious about making a living from fine bicycles, the first step is to
> call my broker, Lou Chavez at 619-608-9912. If you want vintage bicycle
> parts, restoration or custom paint, call me at 760-599-1015 or email me off
> list. Our website of course is: