Re: [CR]Ebay etiquette (delete if not interested)

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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 22:13:45 -0600
Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay etiquette (delete if not interested)
From: "Steven L. Sheffield" <>
To: Classic Rendezvous <>
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On 09/11/2003 09:58 PM, "" <> wrote:
> I have two questions about ebay etiquette.
> 1) I just received an irate email from somebody who has purchased a few
> vintage
> bike ebay items from me in the past. On each dealing with this person, I left
> a
> positive feedback as soon as the timely payment was made. I also asked the
> bidder to please leave me feedback too, once the item was received. No
> feedback
> was left for me for any of our transactions. After this happened a few times,
> I
> decided to block all bids from bidders who did not leave feedback or at very
> least acknowledge receipt of the goods sent. Am I wrong in doing this? I
> realize that I might lose a few bucks from the added bidding these people
> could
> drum up, but I just don't feel comfortable.
> 2) When I sell items, I always leave feedback as soon as payment is received.
> I
> do not however ever expect to receive feedback until the item is received, so
> there is usually a week or two time lapse between the two feedbacks. When I
> buy
> things, I have noticed that hardly anybody leaves feedback until I first leave
> them feedback. Is this not a sort of blackmail, waiting to make sure of a
> positive feedback before responding in kind? Am I alone in feeling this way?

I leave feedback when I receive payment (for items sold) or when I receive goods (for items purchased) ... But sometimes I save it all up and leave a whole bunch of feedback all at once, sometimes several weeks late.

I don't sweat it if reciprocal feedback isn't left. 164, 212, or 537 ... Does it really matter what the number is once it starts getting up there and there's no negative feedback?

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