Re: [CR]Forget Sugino Mity - Melt Forged ??

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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 07:37:06 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Forget Sugino Mity - Melt Forged ??
From: Bainbridge <>
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Donald Gillies wrote:

What is melt-forging and is it still used?


The "Mighty" series of cranks were cold forged. "Melt Forging" is actually a marketing name for high pressure casting. The alloy is forced into the mold under high pressure (over 10,000 psi) and then cooled quickly with a water jacket around the mold. The Hierarchy for crank manufacturing is: Cold Forged, Hot Forged, Gravity Cast, Melt Forged.

What separates all these process is the amount of money needed for tooling & the time needed to complete a part. Cold forging requires the highest number of dies, Hot forging uses fewer and Gravity casting & melt forging only one mold but melt forging is quicker.

Hope that helps.

Bryant Bainbridge
Portland Oregon