Re: [CR]Mavic SSC rims!...300 grams!?!?!

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Subject: Re: [CR]Mavic SSC rims!...300 grams!?!?!
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 12:39:19 +0200

Hi Chuck!

No way in the world would I think they are as strong as the heavier weighted SSCs!..............Just that the fact that Mavic does did make an effort to perhaps provide a little bit lighter SSC for perhaps a lighter weight rider?? Anyway I've laced a set up and so far so good. We have some old brick bike paths here and with time with the trees roots taking their toll on them they can tend to get a bit bumpy. Toss in some of the green slimy stuff that builds up in the shaded areas and it can get a bit touchy, my first time through this area, I felt like I was doing the big race itself...............I was flying into the shaded part and it was like! Oh!......................Shit!....What the hell is this! Anyway as like I said so far so good and I like them...............Now I only wish I hade some NICER and bigger tubulars for them............So thanks for the info.

BTW: Do you or any others have any printed material of the listed weight?? I weighed them a few times and with the earlier trys they were looking to be 300 grams. But now my scale is reading 350 grams??...........Yes a heavier weight but if so then I'll be happier with the heavier rims.........As many of us may know, with age we tend to put on a few LBs here and there!..................But soon and I hope I'll be hooking up with a full geared, full contact American style football club. So maybe with the cross training I'll be able to shed a few LBs.

BC Baron C.............And the gang!!..........Doing what others thought would be a dead end adventure and a waste of time and $$$$....Wrong!...Wrong...! Wrong! ''NEE'' sayers!....EAT YOUR HEART OUT!....Sorry, the Nee sayers are here in Holland!

Renaissance Cycles,
Eindhoven Holland!

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> Baron C at Renaissance-Cycles wrote:
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> > Hi ALL!
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> > Digging for some info on these 300 gram MAVIC SSC rims!?!?!
> >
> > They ar the wider 21.5 rims but are no where close to the listed 21.5mm 400 gram rims. I've looked through all of my old catalogs
> > and there is nothing to be found! Color is a medium matt finish! I think they might be a special made to order rim for an old Euro team!?!?
> > OK!.................All you guys dig out those old Race mags with articals of the Paris Roubaix and look for these rims!.....PLEASE!
> Baron,
> When Mavic groups showed up in Southern California in the 1980s they
> were boxed in styrofoam with a set of light SSC rims. None of the shop
> people felt they were "real" SSCs because they weren't "rock crushers"
> (not heavy enough). But of course Mavic labeled them SSC so they were
> SSC; but a light version. (SSC = Special Service Course [racing]).
> These rims surface periodically in SoCal, but they are not highly
> coveted because they are not the real deal rock crusher never go out of
> true or get dented pro issue rim.
> Mavic to me is _the_ sleeper of collectable bike stuff, what with
> Mavic's emphasis on neutral race support for the past 30 years and
> sponsored riders like Sean Kelly (acknowledged in the peloton as the
> "leader" for 10 years) and Greg Lemond with his 1989 TdF victory by
> seconds and his Worlds win while equipped "Tout Mavic".
> And when you bought a Mavic group you also got stem, bars, and rims
> besides all the usual stuff.


> Chuck Schmidt

> LA, CA


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