Re: [CR]Mavic components

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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 15:02:55 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Mavic components
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Peter Jon White wrote:
> The offset does provide some ankle clearance. But the reason Mavic made
> the
> change was that the straight arm was so close to the outer chainring
> that
> there was no room for any modern front derailleur. Once Simplex shut
> down,
> Mavic had no supplier of a FD with a thin outer plate. So they flared
> the
> arms to make them compatible with Shimano FDs.

The 631/2 crank is outside the time limit, being from the mid 90s, but...

The catalog mentions that it will take a 44 tooth outer ring with the shortened spider arms and also that the front derailleur adjustment is easier with 8 speed (clearance issue), but Mavic's front derailleur was available until Mavic stopped offering a group, so I don't believe the change in the crank arms was a result of Simplex's demise.

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, CA