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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 19:33:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Feldman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]advice on rims
To: roman stankus <>,
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For a "classic look" rim, tire, and spoke combination, this 30+ year mechanic would recommend Torelli Master rims (look like a 1970's box-section tubular from a few feet away,) Wheelsmith butted spokes (more visible gauge transition, again an older look,) and Vredestein Fortezza tires, the black tread not the lavender needsless to say. Rivendell Roly Poly tires have the right look, too; squint and they might just remind you of Clement Paris-Roubaix!
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- roman stankus wrote:

> Hi all,


\r?\n> I'm looking for some help on a McLean I'm bringing

\r?\n> back to life after 25 years of service. Dale's

\r?\n> taking care of the frame(repair and repaint) - in

\r?\n> the meantime I've been trying to figure out some

\r?\n> nice wheels for the bike. Its a racing model but I'm

\r?\n> beyond racing, but still want a nimble set of wheels

\r?\n> with clinchers. I will use campy LF 32H hubs, and I

\r?\n> have some Velo Flex Pave's (180 gr)for rubber. I'm

\r?\n> pretty light +/-160lbs/6'-0" so don't need super

\r?\n> heavy duty wheels. I'll have some other bomb proof

\r?\n> wheels for general riding but want something fast

\r?\n> and fun for special occasions. I've looked around

\r?\n> and all I can find is Mavic Open Pros and such -

\r?\n> beautiful and well built but not as low profile as I

\r?\n> would like to find. I want something that has a

\r?\n> classic tubular look, silver, low profile (open box

\r?\n> constructioin?), light to medium weight and quality

\r?\n> construction(no bad seams). I know some will say

\r?\n> why don't you just build up some classic tubulars -

\r?\n> and if I can't find the right thing maybe I will.

\r?\n> Am I asking for too much? Is anyone producing the

\r?\n> rims of my dreams or is there someone out there with

\r?\n> some NOS stuff that might fit my needs?


\r?\n> By the way, thanks to Nick Zatezalo for organizing

\r?\n> the classic cycle ride this past weekend in Atlanta!

\r?\n> It was great fun and looking forward to the next

\r?\n> ride. For my part, I got a 70's Pog rolling for the

\r?\n> first time since aquiring the frame this past

\r?\n> summer. After some TLC and and a LOT of touchup, it

\r?\n> was turned out to be a great riding bike. It was

\r?\n> fascinating putting the bike together - noone used a

\r?\n> jig on that frame!


\r?\n> Any help on the rim question will be much

\r?\n> appreciated.


\r?\n> Roman Stankus

\r?\n> Atlanta, Ga