Gotta be a typo on the Zebra(was:Re: [CR]What's with this auction?

Example: Racing:Roger de Vlaeminck

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:40:50 EDT
Subject: Gotta be a typo on the Zebra(was:Re: [CR]What's with this auction?

In a message dated 9/15/2003 11:19:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes: I agree completely as to the sellers silly expectations but there were some second line Japanes bikes that really were nice. My candidates would be Maruishi and Zebrakenko. Since even Fuji gets no respect, these are really esoteric for collectors of production bikes.

Hey, production bikes get no respect. I didn't even get a rise when I "declared" Austro-Daimler the world champ.

Joe B-Z

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> Starting price looks to be about $875 too high...
> John Lehoczky
> Kansas City
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> > Am I missing something here?
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> > I'm a sucker for paying high for timeline Japanese bikes- I just picked up my second late 70's Fuji- The 'Newest' (as seen at Cirque) is 100% orig - (even the soyo black gardenhose tubs) and the one I got last week was even older-a Finest with mostly chrome frame and blue over it.

The Zebra , while it may have the originality and condition, is akin to a nice fourdoor Dodge Coronet from that era. If it were the ragtop twodaoor in that shape, a greater find, and it it were the Superbe or DA AX Zebra, same story.

Good luck bidding, but I feel since even I'm out on this one, it may get the goose egg for bid no'

Larry Black
Woodbine, Md