[CR]Was Swallow, Now Wooly Warm

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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 17:41:29 GMT
Subject: [CR]Was Swallow, Now Wooly Warm

Sorry for the double post.

While I'm at it, does anyone have a gold, short sleeved, Wooly Warm jersey in Large or X-large that you'll sell me? I'll pay top dollar--even some profit. It's a must have. (Don't ask me why.)

I'm hoping that the looser style of the jersey will make my physique look more "...".

Rick VerHoeven

Now Beautiful 69 degrees in Twin Falls, Idaho


> I didn't follow the discussion about the Swallow last week nor have I
> researched it on my own. Does anyone know if the rails will allow the saddle
> to be pushed further back than the Swift's. The Swift that I bought for my
> Baylis didn't go back far enough to give me the riding position that I wanted,
> so I had to replace it with a B17. Unfortunately, the Baylis begs for a
> saddle that gives a more "svelte" look. The B17 is kind of "frumpy" looking
> on this bike. Or, does anyone know of a classy and obtainable seat post that
> has more setback (2-3 mm)than a Campy SR?
> The words set off by "s are my today's vocabulary words. I need to use each
> in conversation 3 times to make them my own.
> My wife has been looking a little "..." lately.
> Rick VerHoeven
> Beautiful 68 degrees in Twin Falls, Idaho
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