[CR]1930/40's Bicycle water colour Painting

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From: "Tim Gunn" <tim@theoldbicycle.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 18:28:21 +0100
Organization: The Old Bicycle Company
Subject: [CR]1930/40's Bicycle water colour Painting

Hi, all.
      I have just Aquired a rather large water colour painting done in the 1930/40's , its about 4 foot by 3.5 foot, It depicts a interesting group of people waiting to get coke (the heating fuel type (coal).) out side a cycle shop, lots of bicycles leaning against the kirb and out side the shop. Racers/ roadsters etc. Children playing with a soapbox cart too.
    The whole painting is very delightful and depicts the bicycle in its day.
   There is no signature, but is very professional, mounted in a large frame. I was wondering if any of the list had any idea who may of painted it. Any one that can help, I can email a jpeg of it to you.
   Kind Regards,............. Tim Tim Gunn, The Old Bicycle Company, Cut Elms Farm, Keers Green, Aythorpe Roding, Near Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1PQ.
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