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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 16:08:40 -0400
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Subject: [CR]RE:Pics Of Cinelli Up -Now Dustcaps

I've wondered about that, Is there any reason besides the few grams of weight for leaving them off for racing? I espacially wondered about bikes from the "Aero" days, with all manner of weird details to make them smoother, and then the crank dustcaps werent there! just looks weird on the aero stuff.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Ma

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I only ever considered crank dust caps to be out of place on bicycles used for competition.

Donald F. Dunstan

Winters, TX

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> Mike Short wrote:
> >After getting the bike last week I have cleaned lubed and assembled
> >the Cinelli. Pics are up at: http://photos.yahoo.com/cp16r
> Am I the only one to think it odd to see this absolutely beautiful
> bike with
> the crank dustcaps? Back in the day, unless a customer specifically
> asked for
> them to be installed, we generally sent them out the door in an
> envelope.
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> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ
> > Mike,