Re: [CR]FS: campy aero & ebay sales

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From: "skip sinatra" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FS: campy aero & ebay sales
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 20:25:03 +0000

Hmmmm...i wonder how this fits into the discussion of uninformative sellers: a seller who provides way too much info....might as well say "hat and waterbottle guaranteed to cause death mayhem, pneumonia and pleurisy and the urge to listen to Abba (getting the post into CR period)"......

Joking of course....hope Walter is on the mend. Just sensed some underlying tension from earlier exchanges. As well, there are 2 different types of misreps: intentional and negilgent. Intentional being the obvious one whereas negilgent (which I suspect of some ebayers) is to say things that are guesses or unverified which later prove to be inaccurate. The bottom line on ebay is caveat emptor. Only if you ask specific questions will you find out the correct answers---most of my ebay regrets have resulted from not asking the appropriate question or making incorrect assumptions.

Skip Sinatra, a distant cousin Frog Level Virginia
>From: "Wspokes" <>
>To: "ClassicRendezvous" <>
>Subject: [CR]FS: campy aero water bottle, etc....
>Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 15:56:31 -0400
>Packrat Sale:
>Well, I am off work for a few days thanks to a small case of
>bronchitis/pleurisy/pneumonia so I am going through some boxes and clearing
>out items. Some are good for the CR list. Others will be off to other
>Campagnolo aero water bottle and cage. not new, not pristine. campagnolo
>basically rubbed off the side of bottle but there is some slight remnants
>of the wording still visible. Not sure on what a good price to ask would be
>so I am saying $25 shipped.
>Molteni cycling cap. it is New, never worn but I note some water stains on
>the hat in a few places. It would probably clean up well. $5.
>That's all for now, I am sure there is much more after digging.
>As usual, email me offlist if interested and make offers, combine shipping,
>or just chat with me. Thanks for looking.
>Walter "cough cough" Skrzypek
>Falls Creek, Pa