[CR]The art/craft project you've been looking for all these years...

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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 15:11:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joe Starck <josephbstarck@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]The art/craft project you've been looking for all these years...

Esteemed Classic Rendezvous Listees -

Lookin' for something to do?

Artwise and craftwise, the nipples fit the time line, so, I have for sale about a hundred pair of what I call "Racing Ears."

These "Racing Ears" earrings are made up of three rainbow anodized spoke-lengths per lobe in lengths of about 1 inch, 1.25 inch, and 1.5 inch inch hung from 14k gold-plated loops with 14k gold-plated trim -- each short titanium spoke is capped by an anodized aluminum nipple.

The thing is -- these fun earrings can be used as they are -- as bicycle-motif earrings --they are the same as what Marwi/DT once sold as shown in their catalogs.

I bought a hundred pair a few years ago as I was going to spice them up a bit with beads and such, perhaps nix one or two of the spokes -- or -- one stick could be the cat's meow as belly button studs for the new generation -- or -- any other bicycle jewelry kinda thing one can think of -- like I said afore, these earrings can be re-constructed as what ever new pieces your imagination can conjure up.

At four dollars per pair, it's a smokin' deal -- I'm offering these "Racy Ears" in lots of 10, so, $40 for ten pair plus postage and insurance, that'd total up to roughly $45 per set of ten. Respond off-list or ask a hoopla of questions if you're not sure what you're getin' into, but really, I think buyers of these items can use them for fun and profits -- and then who's to say? -- You might find your calling as the creative sort.

Joseph Starck, Sun Prairie - birthplace of Georgia O'Keefe ya know - Wisconsin

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