Re: [CR]Velo Rendezvous

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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 07:03:20 -0700
From: brian baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Velo Rendezvous
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I'll bring my 1958 Flying Scot just for you. I haven't found all of the parts I need to complete it; but I'll bring it for you. Comming? ;-)

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA wrote:
> > From: Chuck Schmidt <>
> > So far there is only one Masi listed out of the 43 bikes (Brian's is a
> > replica so we're not counting that;) That would make Masi under 3% of
> > the bikes to be shown. Maybe a "reality check" to all those that say
> > the CR list and its members are only interested in Masi???
> That's still one Masi too many for me to make the trip, Chuck. :-)
> Besides, with no Flying Scots this is obviously a pretty downmarket affair...

> Bruce

> Dundee

> Scotland


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