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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 10:24:53 -0400
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You are correct that Marinoni has a sizeable staff for production frames. However, "the master craftsman" Mr. Marinoni tends to work on the more custom jobs as well as some production jobs.

I own a custom Marinoni frame contracted by Huffy/Raleigh and constructed with Raleigh lugs for use as a Team Raleigh Pro frame in 1983. When I stripped the original paint job for a repaint, Marinoni did an excellent job of welding the frame with what appears to be silver solder.

Marinoni's production techniques reminds me of how Raleigh England had a factory for standard 531 frame construction and another location for custom high-end 531 and 753 frames.

The surprising thing is that Marinoni made the frame using Columbus tubing, used Raleigh lugs sent by the factory from England without 531 tubing, and the frame was stickered as a Raleigh 531 frame while being raced on a pro Raleigh USA team. Apparently Raleigh never realized that Columbus tubing was used instead of 531 because Marinoni prefers Columbus over 531! I verified this with Mike Fatka, the Raleigh USA Team Manager.

Regards, Steve Neago
Cincinnati, OH

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> > I would like to point out Marinoni out of Montreal. He has now been
> building
> > for 28 years and has likely produced more frames than any other builder in
> > North America: probably close to 30,000.
> I agree Marinoni doesn't get it's due respect but this seems to be typical
> of all things Canadian. I don't know why. I don't wish to nitpick but I'd
> like to point out Mr. Marinoni hasn't built all of those 30,000 frames.
> That an average of over 1071 frames per year. This isn't humanly possible
> for one human. I have no doubt Marinoni has built his fair share of frames
> but 30,000 is too high. Marinoni is a company with employees much like
> Serotta. Ben Serotta has built his fair share of frames but I wouldn't say
> that the company's annual production should continue to be added to the sum
> of frames actually built by Ben.
> As you mentioned earlier, the Japanese don't get their due respect.
> Contemporary builders like Toei and Hirose aren't on most US consumers
> radars.
> Curt Goodrich
> Minneapolis, MN