[CR] Campy in the US

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Subject: [CR] Campy in the US
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 12:38:17 -0500

I guess it's because I grew up with Raleigh catalogues of the early '70s that I, personally, became aware that Campagnolo was something rather special. Why? For the simple (and pathetic) reason that Raleigh were unusual in featuring ALL of their bikes in one catalogue from Chopper to LTD-3 to Professional. Thus even if you could only afford a Huret-fitted Gran Prix, you knew that the top end bikes had Campy. It was something special.

Hence the "awareness" factor I was trying to get at. The masses may have never gotten that far but they at least were introduced to the name. The cycle firms that offered only high-end models or those that had a special catalogue only for that segment only reached a tiny niche market. Raleigh, I contend, helped put the name Campagnolo and idea of spending a hitherto unbelievable sum of money on a bicycle to the mass American market.

So I gather from Chuck Schmidt so did Schwinn. But then again I never even saw a Schwinn catalogue. My dad would have hit me over the head with an Alfa Romeo spanner had I brought one of those home!!

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