Re: [CR]60s Carlton Flyer questions

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 13:35:10 -0800 (PST)
From: David Feldman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]60s Carlton Flyer questions
To: Larry Osborn <>,
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Larry, These were very popular in Southern Cal in the late 1960's. Don't be surprised if there's a sticker on that Carlton from Dandy's, Hans Ohrt, or Harding's, all Los Angeles stores that sold those bikes. Racers didn't ride them often (did see Audrey McElmury on a white Flyer track bike once) but tourists did. Usually eqiuipped thusly: Campy or STronglight crank, Campag Record derailleurs (or Record front Huret Luxe rear) Weinmann brakes, Campy hubs/Weinmann dimpled 27"
al rims.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- Larry Osborn wrote:

> Greetings campers and future Anglo-phobes


\r?\n> Thanks to my pal Tom Hayes, who ventured out even

\r?\n> farther than I did to

\r?\n> rendezvous at Westminster, I am now spending an

\r?\n> inordinate amount quality time

\r?\n> with my "new" love interest, a Carlton Flyer frame.

\r?\n> Coffee brown, fading

\r?\n> irregularly into something else a little more orange

\r?\n> in the sunlight that I

\r?\n> won't even begin to try to describe, lots of chrome,

\r?\n> lots of patina, I

\r?\n> like it

\r?\n> a lot. Campy dropouts, Carlton Special lugs w /

\r?\n> triangular cutouts (similar to

\r?\n> the 72 Raleigh Pros), brazed-on shifter bosses, a

\r?\n> brazed on cable housing

\r?\n> stop

\r?\n> on the downtube for an old Campy front der with the

\r?\n> integral cable housing

\r?\n> stop. Also the typical bridge gizmo across the seat

\r?\n> stays supporting a cable

\r?\n> housing stop for centerpull brakes. "Carlton" decal

\r?\n> on the downtubes is in

\r?\n> script lettering, not block letters, but I have

\r?\n> detected no pattern to that

\r?\n> particular detail. Not quite the Carlton

\r?\n> International I still lust heavily

\r?\n> for, but close enough for now. Pictures available on

\r?\n> request.


\r?\n> Serial V4139. Not certain what the "V" means in the

\r?\n> serial number. With

\r?\n> uncharacteristic optimism I had hoped maybe Carlton

\r?\n> used the same system for

\r?\n> both Raleighs and Carltons. Silly me. Maybe it is

\r?\n> the same system (making it

\r?\n> maybe a 1961), but a strong scientific background

\r?\n> and too many encounters with

\r?\n> Raleighs prevent me from extrapolating that far back

\r?\n> from known data without

\r?\n> some sort of evidence. Somebody please, send me a

\r?\n> data point!! This one

\r?\n> doesn't

\r?\n> appear in any of the on-line Carlton catalogs. In

\r?\n> the 68-70 catalogs the Flyer

\r?\n> was available as a track frame only. This frame,

\r?\n> and a couple others I

\r?\n> remember for sale in years past were definitely road

\r?\n> bikes. Components that

\r?\n> were on the frame prior to my acquisition were

\r?\n> predominantly Campy Record.

\r?\n> Nothing Nuovo Record, so that fits in with the

\r?\n> 1960s. Does anybody have a clue

\r?\n> what year this frame might really be? Any

\r?\n> assistance/suggestions would be

\r?\n> greatly appreciated.


\r?\n> Thanks

\r?\n> Larry "was Retro Raleighs, now appearing as Carlton

\r?\n> Curmudgeon" Osborn

\r?\n> Bruceton Mills, WV


\r?\n> Or perhaps Carlton Cadavers? Carlton Carcasses?

\r?\n> Crusty Carltons? Creaky

\r?\n> Carltons? Carbon-dated Carltons?