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Jerry, Rixe is a German brand, I believe they still are in business, but they seem pretty rare in the U.S. What model do you have? I've been looking for some info on these for about a year now, I have a mid-30's tandem which I am considering trying to restore. I have only seen a dozen or so here, most were on eBay over the past few years. (Their more common on Ebay Germany).

Joe McKishen
Vineland, NJ

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> Welcome to the Francophile club, happens to the best of us. I've been
> having the opposite problem lately. I, the proud and defiant Francophile
> have, in the last 6 months, built up a new Bates, nearly built up a Caygill
> (really must finish this) and acquired curley stay Hetchins, 40s/50s Bates
> and Epgrave framesets and a complete Raleigh Pro and Falcon San Remo. Glad
> the French have closed down Devil's Island, or I'd be doing hard time there
> for these crimes against France. In my defense, I have in the same period
> acquired a Peugeot (PY-10?) from Kim Klakow, a Mercier Bordeaux-Paris (OK,
> it was a great deal at $150) and a Rixie (if Rixie is French - I have
> conflicting reports on this).
> As to the sewups (tubulars, sprints, whatever) they really aren't all that
> big a mystery. I have moved toward clinchers mostly because I'm too lazy or
> too clumsy with needle and thread to repair sewups and feel guilty just
> throwing them away when they puncture. My procedure for mounting sewups is
> to mount them on a spare rim, pump them up to higher than operating
> pressure, and leave them for a couple of days. This prestretches them so
> they aren't so hard to stretch onto the wheel after the glue is applied. I
> learned this in the early 70's after covering myself in rim cement a few
> times trying to stretch tight sewups onto rims coverd with glue. The Falcon
> San Remo I just received has original NR wheels with Fiamme yellow label
> tubular rims and I intend to leave it that way.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Houston, TX
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> I have two terrible confessions to make.
> I, arch British bike buff, bought... well I bought a... a French bicycle
> yesterday on eBay. I don't know what got hold of me but I now own a Peugeot
> PX-10 circa 1973. I know... how boring and pedestrian can you get? But
> looks in sweet shape, original components and it seemed an awful good value:
> spagename=STRK%3AMEBWN%3AIT&rd=1
> I guess 30 years after I bought a UE-8, I just got that urge to buy a
> Peugeot again. But I feel 'orrible about it. I mean.. it's French!! I won't
> even be able to keep it the same room as my Raleighs and Rudges.. which is
> hard as I live in a one-bedroom apartment with all of them.
> Anyway, second and more pressing confession. This machine has Super
> Champion rims with... Tubular tyres. Now this is really embarrassing,
> especially with this crowd... but I have never, ever owned a bike or even
> ridden one with these things. Frankly, they scare the death out of me. That
> recent exchange about just the right materials and methods of gluing them
> on was daunting enough! The NASA report on the Challenger disaster I could
> follow but this...
> Now I know real men ride on sew-ups or tubs or whatever you call them. And
> I want to keep this machine as original as possible. So any suggestions out
> there as to a good tubular tyre that a) looks traditional... not yellow and
> orange thanks, b) doesn't cost a bomb (why are these things SO expensive?)
> and c) perchance has some wonderful material to ward off punctures. For a
> rank novice like me, I think the Tufu tape seems sensible.
> Or should I realize I am a Philistine and chuck in the original rims and
> find a suitable vintage set of clincher rims??
> Or wish I hadn't bought this machine in the first place...
> Peter Kohler, way out of his depth
> Washington DC USA
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