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Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 11:59:23 -0800
From: Jim Allen <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Billato AND Masi USA
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The first frames built by Billato were built and painted in Italy, around 1986 or so. They were red and pearl white as I recall. Vinyl decals. Almost all of these had the decals stripped off and were sold to Euro Asia as no name frames. They were made from Columbus Aelle R tubing. I have since seen some of these repainted as Masi Gran Criteriums by an unknown company.

Subsequent frames meet our expectations. These were built with SL originally, and later SLX, 531, and 653. Model names were Gran Corsa and Nuova Strada. Painted in San Marcos.

Jim Allen the CycleSmiths San Marcos, CA wrote:
> Lou Deeter writes:
> >From a Billato rep:
> Some of the early US Masi's were Billato. Also Cinelli Super Corsa. They're
> no longer built so it's OK for the public domain as it were! <
> I wonder what they mean by "early"? I have a '93 Masi (Gran Corsa) that
> Billato built...
> Bob Hovey
> Columbus, GA