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I finally got around to reading the article at the above link that Dale sent last week. Wow! The Paris bicycle picture shows an even more bizarre frame construction than some of the oddballs that Ray Etherton showed at Cirque a couple of years ago. Between this interview with Ken Janes and Norris Lockley's posts of recent weeks, I've added more information to the Used Bike Buyers Guide than since Steven Maasland graciously edited in 2002 and added immensely to the listings for Italian builders. Norris mentioned that he has kept his notes from over fifty years about bicycles that he has seen. That is how I started accumulating information for the guide, although I suspect my notes were not as well organized and detailed as Norris's. Advertisements, bicycles seen at cycling events, and magazine articles led me to begin cataloging the information with the intent of eventually having a resource to help identify bicycles that I was purchasing. That effort limped along, with much incorrect information (and I'm sure the guide still needs work and will be a work in progress forever) until Jim Cunningham and Dale Brown reviewed the guide and gave me valuable corrections and additions about seven years ago. The internet and Classic Rendezvous continue to act as a resource that sometimes makes me feel like we're part of an awakening of cycling information similar to what the Hubble telescope has offered astronomers. I wonder how many more Norris Lockley and Ken Janes are out there that we have yet to include in our group. Thanks to everyone, particularly Dale Brown, for making the Classic Rendezvous such a big part of my life! Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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