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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 19:00:36 EST
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High Yall, While axle spacers technically fill the space on chainwheels they are not ideal cosmetically or I suspect technically.

It would seem most good shops would have chainwheel spacers available in many widths (many, many more sizes than axle spacers which are generally offer in mm, not fractions of mm like chainwheel spacers).

Size really matters when chainwheels are used from 1973 and chains are from 2003. Things are really awful when your 21 st century chain falls between your formally flawless chainwheels and converts them from round to horizontal biopace units.

We certainly sell them but they are extremely expensive since to buy a kit (or case of them) your need to buy about 75 times the needs of one crank and most will not be needed in a shop during it's business life.

They are a lot worse than purchasing spokes bought in bulk in unpopular sizes. Certainly in most stores they compete with the highest, cost, most extreme handling, greater shrinkage and least return award of any cycling product. But having said this isn't it grand to have spokes and spacers handy when you need them.

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>>Does anyone know of a source for chainring spacers for various cranks
>>TA, Stronglight, etc. without buying a complete bolt set, which in the
>>of Lambert and probably Stronglight 49, aren't available anyway?
>Axle spacers work very nicely and are available in lots of widths.
>Phil Brown
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