re: [CR] Hacksawn Dropouts: A Smoking Gun?

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Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 21:37:46 -0500
From: HM & SS Sachs <>
Subject: re: [CR] Hacksawn Dropouts: A Smoking Gun?

brad stockwell wrote:

There was a how-to article advocating the de-Simplexification-via-hacksaw of innocent French bikes in the December 1972 issue of Bike World, page 27:

"Converting From Simplex to Campy" by Kurt Miska

Kurt had a Gitane Tour de France with Simplex dropouts and wanted to use a Campy rear derailleur. He noted:

"Trying to buy a metric tap for the 'Nuovo Record' upper pivot bolt proved impossible."

"The decision to saw the lug off is not made lightly. Nevertheless I went ahead & tackled the job."

Who knows how many other innocent dropouts were irrevocably altered by these fateful words of advice. ---------------------------------------------------- I have no idea where I picked up this tip as an alternative to hacksawing the Simplex hanger, but it has worked for me:

A common-garden-dragon 1/8" (tapered) pipe tap has about the pitch of the 10x1 hanger. Being tapered, the diameter varies. start tapping, check often, and voila, it works. Then the merest slip of a filed notch works as a swing stop. When I've done this, I've generally used a backing nut, since the Simplex is relieved on the back and there aren't many threads engaged by the now-threaded hanger. I will admit having replaced my pipe tap with a proper metric tap some years ago...just about the time I no longer needed it.

harvey sachs
mcLean va