Re: [CR] Hacksawn Dropouts: A Smoking Gun?/My 2 cents!

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Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 08:51:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Harris <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Hacksawn Dropouts: A Smoking Gun?/My 2 cents!
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Hi all, I remember all too well,my brother brought home a brand new PX-10.I was riding an AO-8 at the time.Boy that PX was light and comfy.The AO was comfy.I remember thinking,"the gears on this don't really work any better than mine".Then in 1972 I bought an Italian Mirella."Hum?,the gears shift a lot better than anything I had ever ridden.But the Balilla brakes were not as effective as those chattering Mafacs!Then,severely bitten by its beauty,and impressed with my short Campy experience.I swallowed real hard and forked out $460.00 for Raleigh Professinal.Gee?"brakes on a bicycle?"very controllable.\ Thats why they cost as they do?I was challenged to an impromptu stopping contest by to blokes on Mirella's that had added mafacs.I even let them say when.And then we stop.I even waited for them to start chattering-braking.I stopped in a shorter distance every single time!Scientific?No!,but it satisfied me,and does to this day.That is how it was in 1973 in Waynesboro,Virginia.Ciao!Harris Spracher

David Feldman <> wrote: I have a nuanced view from many years of full time mechanic work; Campy had anywhere from a tiny to a huge quality advantage in the 70's depending on the part discussed. What they did have was consistent and predictable quality as well as an organized system for supplying repair parts.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

--- Chuck Schmidt wrote:

> "" wrote:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> (cut)

\r?\n> > As a teen trying to save newspaper route money for

\r?\n> these things, we all

\r?\n> > knew that if you wanted a "real" racing bike, a

\r?\n> Gitane was cheap, a Peugeot

\r?\n> > a mite more but way cooler and then you had your

\r?\n> Schwinns and Raleighs with

\r?\n> > their coveted Campy stuff which just cost a bomb

\r?\n> in comparison. And I am

\r?\n> > not talking so much real quality differences here,

\r?\n> just "But I gotta it..."

\r?\n> > marketing at work.



\r?\n> I respectfully disagree... there were _real_ quality

\r?\n> differences there,

\r?\n> make no mistake about it. And yes "Gotta have it!"

\r?\n> but for a very good

\r?\n> reason. Whether you could afford it or not was a

\r?\n> whole other question,

\r?\n> of course...


\r?\n> Chuck Schmidt

\r?\n> South Pasadena, Southern California


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