Re: [CR]Too soft and frequent siezure good?Hard and cracks bad?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Too soft and frequent siezure good?Hard and cracks bad?
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 17:14:37 -0600

There were definite drawbacks to the softer Stronglight alloy. Besides the greater wear, I'm convinced this contributed to the seizing problem. In my experience, this can be prevented by very lightly greasing the axle before mounting the cranks, but this is not something all buyers would know to do, and maybe didn't get done on OE cranks. I recently had to negotiate the price on a model 104 crank I purchased when I found lots of chisel marks on the back of the left crank where someone had dirven it off the axle with a hammer and chisel. At least they didn't strip the crank threads before pulling out the hammer and chisel. Personally, I'd rather grease axle tapers on Stronglight (and replace chainrings more often) than file spiders on Campy cranks, but that's just a personal preference. I never had any problem with Stronglight BB's except you need to purchase the proper tools for removing the fixed cups and learn the cryptic codes for what thread the fixed cup is.

Before anyone else decides to blackball me as an eBay buyer, I should point out that the price negotiation on the mod 104 was for one I received by mistake when I actually bought a 49D. The negotiation was over what price I would pay to keep the 104 he sent me by mistake rather than returning it. After I descibed the damage in detail, the buyer and I came to an amiable agreement which recognized the cosmetic issues including chisel marks. He promptly delivered the 49Ds and I left positive feedback, citing quick resolution of a shipping error, remembering Greg Parker's statement that he is more positively impressed by quick and fair resolution of problems than by Super Seller AAA+++ rave feedbacks. Of course some sellers may take the position I should have overlooked the fact I received a model 104 with a lot of chisel marks instead of the excellent mod 49D I paid for. To those guys I say "Be my guest, blackball away!"


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]Too soft and frequent siezure good?Hard and cracks bad?

> Is it fair to say that both designs have failings?We had to cut Stronglight 93 off of
> my brothers PX-10.Or heat it to soften it too much.And then we have that wonderful Stronglight fixed cup and BB!But I do like all of the cranks in question.They are almost
> human-less than perfect.
> I am done,Harris,22980
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