Re: [CR]Slow shipment from Europe arrives,,,, but missing the special ingrediant

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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 22:11:42 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Slow shipment from Europe arrives,,,, but missing the special ingrediant

BC- My question is, who idea was it to stop sending the EXTASY in the shipments I was getting from you. Its been awfully boring over here this winter and sure could use a little extra excitement. Cheers- Dave Anderson Cut Bank MT

In a message dated 2/9/2004 1:48:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes: Hi Jerry..................And all!

Thanks Jerry!................Cecile can use the credit as well! Many times she's up front breaking down the doors for us to get at these goods. If it wasn't for her many of our offerings would not be available to the outside World, instead they would still be locked up and out of the way. Some of these doors that she has brought down has taken up to a year before the guys on the other end said OK!.............She's also cutting some of the great deals for us, if not for some of these deals our prices would be somewhat higher. Example! One day we got a call from a seller in France! She took the call and she said Hey!'s Philip from Anglet! I was busy and she told me that they want to sell and what is our offer! I was in the back and said 8K!..............No sooner than said, she said 7.5!..........I said............What! Walked away and rolling my eyes!...She then yelled!.........YES!.....They said ''YES!'' A victory for her......and not I. I made 2 privious tris down there and I was coming up dry, it was the cat and mouse game..............And who broke the deal, Cecile. She was on the phone many times trying to keep this buy alive when I was ready to throw in the towl.

Some of our big Campagnolo scores, the credit belongs to her! And I'm talking about the $ 45.- calipersets, and at one time the combo NR 43/53 chainwheel deal at if I remember rightly $ 25.- for the set!............$ 40.- Piste pedals. It was her that got us into this place, she knocked down the doors and I was close behind. The MERCKX score this was hers as well. Once they knew that we were for reals we got the full run of the place.

Bottom line, I locate the sources through friends and leads from shops, knowing that a lead is good is hearing the same info from several different sources after some of these leads are confirmed she's working the phones trying to get us in. Of course there are times that she also wants to throw in the towl and I'll tell her lets give it one more try!...And she says....OK!

Hey.....Jerry! I think you should be seeing that box sometime soon.

BC. Baron C................And the gang!!........With Cecile as being a member of our gang! Renaissance cycles Eindhoven Holland.

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> I've been waiting since the first of the year for a shipment from BC, but
> based on many past transactions, I know he shipped it when he said he did
> and that it will arrive or we will resolve it if US Customs lost it. A long
> history of good transactions certainly reduces anxiety levels. I never lose
> a minute's sleep about a purchase from BC and Cecile - By the way, Cecile
> doesn't get nearly enough mention or credit, but I'm sure BC would agree she
> is the "better half" of the operation.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Houston, TX
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> Subject: [CR]Slow shipment from Europe arrives
> > After giving up a shipment of goodies from Baron for lost, a box from the
> > Netherlands showed up Friday. Everything was intact and as ordered back
> at
> > the beginning of December. Interestingly, it came in with another box
> that
> > held an NOS '73 Brooks Pro that I purchased on January 20th, also shipped
> > from the Netherlands. Baron did indeed ship my order in early December,
> so
> > there must have been a major delay in shipping, or maybe it took awhile to
> > fill a container for the boat ride over. Neither box appeared to have
> been
> > opened en route. All the stuff from Baron was of excellent quality and at
> > least as nice as I expected.
> >
> > So, if you are waiting for something from Europe, be patient. Your day
> will
> > come soon (saw this is a Chinese fortune cookie today).
> >
> > Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont.