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From: "nick zatezalo" <nickzz@mindspring.com>
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Subject: FW: [CR]Fujita saddles
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:48:51 -0500

The Fuji S12s that I bought for my wife in 1978 came with a Fuji approved leather saddle that I believe was made by Fujita. It was also rock hard but actually broke in quite nicely over time.

Nick Zatezalo Atlanta, Ga

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> From: Gary Chottiner <gsc2@cwru.edu>
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> Date: 2/11/2004 4:10:53 PM
> Subject: [CR]Fujita saddles
> I'm pretty sure a Fujita saddle came on my Proteus, which was made in the
> mid-70's. The bike originally had a mixture of Campy and high quality
> Japanese components. The first thing to fail on it was the saddle; it was
> comfortable enough after it broke me in but one of the steel rails fractured
> after a few years - and that's when I was 20 pounds lighter. No doubt it
> was an isolated bad apple but my Brooks saddle has held up a lot longer.
> Gary Chottiner, Northeast Ohio
> - where I was able to bike to work Monday and Tuesday for the first time in
> a month, but snow covered the roads again last night.