[CR]CR; Re A Few More Items for sale

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From: Cantiflex@aol.com
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 13:02:31 EST
Subject: [CR]CR; Re A Few More Items for sale

Hi All, Further to my posting(s) yesterday(most of the items are still available), I now the list the last few odds and ends. Again ,all items are un-used, new old stock, are in original packing where possible,and priced in Dollars CASH including postage and packing to USA. Set of 5 ORIGINAL Stronglight Triple chainwheel bolts c/w spacers etc. $10 Set of 5 ORIGINAL Stronglight Double chainwheel bolts c/w spacers etc $10 Set of 5 ORIGINAL Stronglight type 49D chainwheel to crank fixing bolts $10 N.I.P 5 pairs TA Crank to Pedal washers $10 (5 pairs) T.A 5 Pin double alloy adaptor N.I.P $30 T.A 3 Pin double alloy adaptor N.I.P $30 6 QUALITY English Cotter-pins chromed. $15 (6) Stronglight ORIGINAL Bottom Bracket Axles. Marked...'Marque Deposee' 120 c/w bolts and washers.(suitable for double rings etc ...49D, 63,93 etc) $30 Nitor alloy Micro-adjust seatpin. 1960s? 26.8mm size fits including BATES CANTIFLEX frames. $45 Ideale Model 70 French Leather saddle. NOS, Very crisp stamping on side-flaps, Black frame, copper rivets with 'Ideale' stamped on them. This saddle is un-used, but needs good polish to remove stoarge and general dullness marking.
   $120 Simplex type 303 Rear Mech in original box $75 Huret Type route/corsa / rear mech. Complete in the original blue box, this is the' wire'-type which I think will cover 5 speeds. Complete with twin cables, twin levers,clips etc. Very interesting rear mech from 1950s. $75 Suntour 'Mountech' rear long cage mech c/w in original box $65 Osgear TYPE rear mech set. No name on box or mech, but looks VERY similar to an Osgear at a fraction of the price. 3 speed, comes complete with clip-on down tube lever, actuating 'fork', tension spring/arm, clips, cable, alloy spoke 'disc', all in original box. $125 Weinmann Brake blocks. Black,Red,or White $15 set of 4 Simplex Nylon jockey rollers $15 pair Carlton headbadge...Brass...no paint $10 That's it....Thanks for looking. Please check availability BEFORE ordering Off-list Thanks RAY ETHERTON in Maldon UK