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You are in the right town. There is a vintage ride once a month that Brian Baylis puts together. He also knows a little bit about vintage bikes too. (lol) In fact that whole area is a hot bed for vintage bikes. Welcome to the list and have fun. The SOCAL guys are a hoot but it takes a guy from Brooklyn, NY to keep them straight.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ

Mike Schmidt Stirling 'we're getting more snow' NJ

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Until yesterday I have just been a lurker for about 6 months of the CR list trying to expand my knowledge of bicycle history. I have been in San Diego since 1990 and have been an avid cyclist the entire time mostly as a daily commuter with frequent weekend rides with a monthly average of 450-750 miles. My small fleet of bikes has changed significantly over the last year and a half as I have experimented with a recumbent and a Specialized compact geometry aluminum bike and I cleared out a couple others to make room for more. The recumbent was fun and unique and I rode it for a year and sold it when I decided I need a nice Italian frame with lots of chrome. As I was having difficulty sourcing a nice Italian frame in 63cm with lots of chrome I got bit by a light weight bug and foolishly bought the Specialized. Although I didn't hate the bike, it just never satisfied my desire for a new bike as I had my sights set on a beautiful classic style bike. Finally, I found an ad for the Bottecchia locally and bought it used for a decent price.

Current Fleet:

1990 63cm Bottecchia, SPX, Dura Ace 9spd w/DT shifters 1993/4 63cm Greg Lemond lugged (pre-Trek), Cromor, 105/600/DA 8spd w/DT Shifters 2001 61cm Jamis Nova cyclocross bike 63cm Fuji Club lugged steel setup as a single speed and powder coated white

Bikes on my Wish List: Cinelli Super Corsa Masi Tommasini Gios Hmm the list goes on and on, I really need a custom frame because 63cm frames are too short but workout okay.

I will be in San Diego for another year and a half when at which time I plan to retire from the Navy after 20 years as a Senior Chief Electronics Technician. Upon that time I am hoping to get a good paying job in Colorado to sufficiently support my bike hobby/addiction. I had previously had thoughts about getting a job in the bike industry but not sure I am willing to work for that low of wages.

So for the next year or so I hope to enjoy some more great rides with the CR group and learn more about classic bicycles.

John Dalldorf
San Diego, Ca.