re:[CR]NOS? New Old Stock or Not Overly Scarred?

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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:25:57 -0500
From: Bikeville <>
Subject: re:[CR]NOS? New Old Stock or Not Overly Scarred?

Hello Bruce, It is a fair question to ask how much NOS stuff is really out there. I would be skeptical too except for the fact that over and over we go and buy out closed bicycle shops and find tons of NOS stuff. Last year we cleaned out a shop that closed in the early 1980's and the guy only got around to selling the contents last year. Tons of french parts and frames and accessories that never sold and he was the type that threw away nothing. We have cleaned out bike shops that closed in the 30's and 40's that still had all it's contents. There was mail that was never opened with catalogs in them. Let alone all the parts on the shelves. A few years ago we bought out an old Raleigh shop that had about 75 raleigh Sports and Superbes still in the original raleigh boxes. Never built. David Cowie also has 70's raleigh bikes that have never been built up. My boss also never throws anything away, he covets his stuff. Anyone who has ever been to our shop knows it. I just walk around the 10,000 sq. feet building picking up stuff to put on ebay. Of course there are people out there that misrepresent there items, but those type of people are everywhere, not just in the old bike market. Think about rolling back the odometer in a car to sell a car with "low miles". New old stock and rusty and scratched, it is still new old stock, never used. I think as long as the seller mentions that the item is rusty and scratched or whatever, it is then up to the buyer if they want it that way. It is when they don't disclose that information that it is the seller doing wrong. No one is forcing the buyer to bid. just my thought. ralph w. Via Bicycle (ebay handle- senditnow) Philadelphia, PA