Re: [CR]Super Record Pedals & BB's w/ steel axles//HUH?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Super Record Pedals & BB's w/ steel axles//HUH?
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 19:13:01 -0800

Stevan, You entirely miss the point...We all know about this reduced group... And why the modified group was created. The point here is....Would you call a Record BB or Superleggera pedals that may have come with the Super Record Reduced group "Super Record" now as this seller is. In other words a "Steel Record BB' is being sold-by itself....the seller calls it "Super Record" because he alleges it came with a Super Record Modified group.

My assertion is that the substituted part does not become the part it was substituted for simply by association.....Stevan, would you feel comfortable calling a Steel Record bottom bracket "Super Record" for the purpose of a sale even though you know most anyone looking for a Super Record Bottom Bracket would expect the proper titanium bottom bracket??

Regards, Matthew Gorski Belmont Shore, CA

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Most are well aware of this modified Super Record Group.....Am I daft or isn't the Superleggera Pedals and Record BB one in the same as this downgrade to steel? SO isn't calling these parts Super Record even though there aren't what we accept as Super Record kind of a Stretch? Opinions?

The industry term that I always heard used for the Super Record Group with the steel bb axle and steel pedal spindles was "Super Record Reduced". It didn't cost as much, and as the seller points out, it's better for riders over 160 lbs.
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