Re: [CR]Derailleur NR vs Simplex

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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 11:21:36 -0500
To:, (Classic Rendezvous)
Subject: Re: [CR]Derailleur NR vs Simplex

I had Simplex retro-friction levers shifting a hot rod NR rear derailleur across at 8 speed cassette before I recently succombed to index shifting sirens on my race bike. It shifted flawlessly albeit with what was nearly a straight block (12-21). If it was not for DT friction limitations on hills and sprints I would still have that setup on the bike!

Paul Raley Leonardtown MD wrote:
>> And of course the Super LJ was so far superior to anything else it made
>Campy's offerings > laughable.
>This may sound kinda silly but has anyone ever tried Campy shifters with an
>SLJ rear? I have
>used the Retrofriction shifters with a NR rear and it makes a world of
>difference.  Those same shifters matched to an SLJ 5500 rear is like butter... I
>wonder if it is more the campy shifters,
>not the rear mech?
>Mike "A new puppy and he is winning" Wilkinson
>Castle Rock, CO