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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:02:12 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: More devices


I LOVE IT! I really like having fun on bike rides. That story is one of the best I've heard. Damn cell phones; now that one loses its effect.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- wrote:

Larry wrote:

"I also have that bell that's powered off the tire."

These bells are absolutely great. There used to be a fellow in Toronto in the 80's who had one on his bike and would use it on club rides. He mastered the use so that it 'rang' just like a telephone. He would ring it as it came up to a red traffic signal, would then pull out and 'answer' a telphone handset from his pocket, then knock on a car window, saying 'it's for you!'

As this was before cell phones became widespread, you can just imagine the puzzled faces and reactions of the drivers. Priceless!

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ