[CR]Hams on bikes in the old days(was Devices

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Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 12:07:38 EST
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Subject: [CR]Hams on bikes in the old days(was Devices

That sounds like something a life of the parety and attention getter would do. I'm a member of that club and even have been in the prankster club. My first trick was to make my middleweight seem like it had an engine in 1959. I took a tin gallon antifreeze can and painstakingly funneled it full of dusty powdered dirt from the vacant lot where we rode. I roped it under on to the rear beside the wheel and at speed wopuld pull another cord that spilled out the 'fuel' and a large cloud of dust would then 'smoke out' anyone who followed as I appeared to be emitting a large plume of exhaust.

Not great for those who tried top follow but great for the chain and lube industry.

If the UCI would allow that today, wheelsuckers would need riot gear.

Compare this to today's mischief and decide what you'd rather have your kids do. It wasn't but two years later that I was transp[lanting a cast itron one lunger from a reel mower onto a Hercules three speed and making real exhaust at 55 mph while evading the authorities.

I 'devolved' the next year and bought a Varsity for $66. and discoverd my own legs and lungs.

Larry Black Mt Airy, Md.

Styeve Maasland wrote:

These bells are absolutely great. There used to be a fellow in Toronto in the 80's who had one on his bike and would use it on club rides. He mastered the use so that it 'rang' just like a telephone. He would ring it as it came up to a red traffic signal, would then pull out and 'answer' a telphone handset from his pocket, then knock on a car window, saying 'it's for you!'

As this was before cell phones became widespread, you can just imagine the puzzled faces and reactions of the drivers. Priceless!