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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 17:27:09 -0500
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Since I do not want to pass along BAD info or mess up on of my Zeus hubs I did some measuring of a small sample. Used my L.S. Starrett 1-2" mics, original certified by GE, Schdy, NY.

As follows:

Zeus Metric hub, new (Sutherlands 2nd Ed) should be 1.366" dia. measures 1.367" dia. Zeus ?? hub, new (Sutherlands 2nd Ed) should be 1.366" dia. measures 1.368" dia. Campy NR small flange,England, used (Sutherlands 2nd Ed) should be 1.370" dia. measures 1.371" dia. Campy NR small flange,Italy, used (Sutherlands 2nd Ed) should be 1.378" dia. measures 1.376" dia.

It looks as if the Zeus hubs that I have measured are French thd. and the Campy hubs are as marked next to the thread.

Jim Kerr New Haven, CT

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Howdy Campers,

I also have a pair of Zeus hubs which are marked 'Metric' on the box, so I decided to see just how an ISO freewheel fits vis-a-vis a French Hub (Normandy).

The ISO FW goes on the Zeus fairly snug and gets nice and tight, with no sloppiness at akk, before it comes up against the shoulder of the hub. Requires a freewheel remover to come off with only hand pressure.

Same freewheel on the Normandy: Goes on easily all the way to the hub shoulder and is sloppy - definitely a French hub. I conclude that this Zeus 'Metric' hub is not French threaded. I certainly would have no concerns about using an ISO freewheel with this hub <Zeus>.

Maybe this is something similar to the TA pedal thread/thread several months ago??

YMMV (quoting Mr. H. Sachs!)


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY