[CR]Track bars and stems

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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 20:44:01 +0900
From: Dennis Young <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
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Subject: [CR]Track bars and stems


If you are using Japanese components on the bike, I recommend the Nitto track stems and bars. They are standard issue just about everywhere. The aluminum stem is only available in a 58 degree angle, while the steel ones are available in both the 58 degree and the steeper 65 degree models. As to which is preferable, most people seem to go for the more durable and slightly heavier (by 118 grams) steel one. As far as which angle is best, it is more a matter of preference. I was riding with the shallower one, but recently put the 65 degree angled model on my track bike. The shallower angled one is easier on the back I believe, but with the steeper one, watching the colored line go by in such close proximity is even more hypnotic. I'd recommend the 58 degree one.

As far as track bars go, I prefer the rigidity of the steel ones, although they are heavier than the alloy models by at least 300 grams. In both the aluminum and steel models, there are steep drop and shallow drop bars. Go with the shallow drop bars. The deep drop bars are are for full on racing where the slightest wind resistance may be a factor (Keirin pros), and I suggest that your dad may need some lifting device to help him get off the bike if he uses the deep drop ones for any distance riding. These bars are available in either the shorter OR longer reach from the center of the bar to the curve where the drop begins. So, you have both the reach to the drop, and the amount of drop to consider when selecting which model you want. As far as whether the shorter or longer reach is best, I think that your dad's torso and arm length are a factor here, along with the top tube length as it fits him. This can be compensated for by stem length as well. It may be a mute point however, as the shorter reach type may not be available in the US, as a listmember recently had me get a pair for him over here. I can give you model numbers if you want to contact me off list.

Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan
> I am building up a Medici track bike for my dad. He wants a "real" track
> bar and stem, meaning steep stem angle and deep drop bars. I have been
> looking around ebay and find myself confused by the choices. I am looking
> for a recommendation. Steel or aluminum? What manufacturer? The bike will
> be Dura Ace/Sugino equipped. I am going for function/appearance, not
> mojo/collectability. My leaning now is toward Nitto. Does anyone have an
> opinion and/or a set for sale?
> Best Regards,
> Garrett Drake
> Washington, DC