[CR]re: A nomenclature question, Part 2

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i think semantically at this point ive pretty well convinced myself that

"fixed gear" = single chainline (one cog, one chainwheel), fixed or free wheel. - "fixed" defined as "constant", "gear" defined in the context of the number of gears available on the bike

"fixed wheel" = non-freewheeling, with fixed or variable gear. - "fixed" defined as "stationary" (in terms of the cog being fixed in position on the hub, and therefore relative to the wheel), "wheel" being self-explanatory

ill be difficult to convince otherwise.

in terms of actual *usage* - things are a whole different matter. the above is just how i beleive it to be semantically proper, given the context both terms have been found and used in.

> How about:
>"Fixed gear": non-freewheeling drive, but by changing chainwheels
>and rear cogs or internal shifting Sturmey-Archer ASC or other
>modified hub the ratio can be changed. Examples are track bicycles
>and fixed gear road bicycles.
>"Fixed wheel": non-freewheeling drive where ratio can not be
>changed, such as highwheel bicycles and kid's tricycles.
>"bent stomper" someone who really, really dislikes recumbent bicycles...
>>"Straight Kicker": Radio City Music Hall dancer who rides her fixed
>>gear to work.
>>"Pignon fixe": Fixed bird that takes dump on straight kicker as
>>she's riding.
>Roy "pedant-type" Drinkwater
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