RE: [CR]was Zeus Metric hubs/ now Sutherlands manual

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Subject: RE: [CR]was Zeus Metric hubs/ now Sutherlands manual
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 20:30:05 -0500
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If you have access to an optical comparator you can measure the OD threads on the rear hub using one of the screen overlays containing various thread forms and pitches.

This lets you view the different thread angles as well as the top or peak of the thread.

A basic machinist's thread guage will let you measure the pitch of each hub thread. Also a set of thread micrometers will let you measure the thread pitch diameter.

A good reference is "Machinery's Handbook" my 17 Seventeenth Edition, Fourth Printing, was published by Industrial Press Inc., New York 10016.

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Thank you everyone who contributed a reply to my question on Zeus metric hubs. Learned something new. If I had a Sutherlands manual I could have answered my own question, or even measured the O.D.'s on different hub threads. DUH!! And me a machinist, too. Geez, what a dope I am sometimes. Don't have any French freewheels yet. Guess I'll have to scare one up, at least as a tester. Any suggestions on where I can obtain a Sutherlands manual? Is this an archive subject, Chuck (mr.
archive) Schmidt?
Jay Sexton
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