Fender Struts for Bluemels (was [CR]Mad About Mudguards)

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Subject: Fender Struts for Bluemels (was [CR]Mad About Mudguards)
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 07:26:47 -0500

This reminds me. I have a set of late'70s Bluemels fenders without hardware. Anyone know if the PlanetBike stainless struts and fasteners will fit standard Bluemels fenders?

I almost wish I had a modern bike, so I could feel good about using those cool PlanetBike Freddy Fenders.

Steve Barner, who remembers not being able to figure out why he had to suck the wheel of that guy with the Zeus with clinchers and aluminum fenders on one of his first rides on his new Paramount so many years ago. It's all in the legs. Now with three fender-equipped road bikes in Bolton, Vermont

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> > I have a Gran Sport with the swallow saddle but I've no idea what fenders
> > graced it originally.
> I am pretty certain the Gran Sport was fitted with the rather lovely
> Britannia "Sprint Veloce" celluloid narrow mudguards.
> I have a pair of these 'guards on my '49 Clubman which came from a Gran
> Sport (according to the seller) so if anyone has an earlier wider style of
> Britannia 'guards to trade..... and I need a pair of the black Sprint
> Veloces for my '61 Lenton.
> Personally, I much prefer Britannia 'guards with their nice "quick-fit" dome
> nut fasteners... the more common Bluemels are an absolute fiddle with those
> tiny little hex nuts. Raleigh bought 'guards from these two makers and
> others as well.
> We British bike guys simply cannot get enough of the proper mudguards. They
> are essential. And hard to find alas. I must say it's a lot easier getting
> used to riding a bicycle with derailleur gears than one without 'guards...
> the thing looks naked and exposed. 'orrible really.
> Peter Kohler
> Washington DC USA