re:[CR]Monson, MA Swap/Show Report

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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 15:27:12 -0500
From: Bikeville <>
Subject: re:[CR]Monson, MA Swap/Show Report

hello, the Monson swap meet was a great success, compared to many recent swaps that i have attended. There was tons of on-list tidbits, though not many complete bikes. HetchinsPete seemed to have a little flurry in the beginning, hopefully paying his gas mileage. Ken Denny was very knowledgable and he had some beautiful bikes. Whole bunch of buying and selling, started early ended early, we were on the road again at 12:30pm, when the swap was supposed to end at 2:00pm. Good turnout, and people spent money. I know for sure that we will be up there again next year. Shame about the lack of a swap at Lars. Sorry if I put anyone off by my age, no I don't collect Schwinn Stingrays or Krates, as one seller suggested. ralph(next to Pete and Eric Elman, across from Maurice, next to the BSA motorcycle) (with Curtis) Via Bicycle Philadelphia, PA