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Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:50:44 -0500

Oh My God. Nice bike does not even start to say it. Steven Willis The Bike Stand 1778 East Second Street Scotch Plains NJ 07076 908-332-3330

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> Two weeks back I once again visited Bicycle Specialties in Toronto, Mike
> Barry's truly wondrous shop. I picked up the refurbished Rene Herse
> Federal complete with a new as-good-as-Herse-himself front carrier
> (directly taken from the design of these bikes, Mike has several) and all
> put together constructeur-style, perfect, just perfect. This frame had
> been salvaged from a curb in Arizona, brought to SF, sold eventually to me
> in truly horrid condition but no dents or damage, just truly beyond
> leaving well enough alone. It was refurbish and repaint or watch her die a
> painful, rusty death. Mike Barry has forgotten more about these bikes
> than I could ever learn and he did a magnificent job with the restoration.
> It is "Herse bleu" once again with a box gold stripe and proper Herse
> markings. The mudguards are Honjo hammered but the rest is more or less
> period correct and NOS where possible. I could not be happier. If you
> care to peak, I've posted some pictures here:
> I may be mistaken but if it true that our esteemed Mr Baylis is going to
> rename his concern something like 'Vintage Bicycle Specialties' then I
> would find that most unfortunate. There is, after all, already one
> 'Bicycle Specialties' producing modern classics and doing restorations and
> the like in North America---and it's been around now more than 30 years.
> I think another name might be more fitting, but that's just my opinion and
> it is said with all proper deference to and admiration for Mr Baylis.
> Douglas Brooks
> Bristol, New York