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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:08:47 GMT
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Peter and all,

Apparently I was a little too dramatic in my presentation. And I did write that at 4:00am. Many have responded with excellent advice and other pieces of information and encouragement. Thanks to all. Actually the feeling is just a matter of being overwhelmed with things to thinik about on any given day to the point where it's difficult to decide what to do next. The human brain can only handle about 7 things at once, so when there are about 40 bikes in the shop and a bunch of frame orders active all at once it comes to quite a mental juggleing act. The act changes every day. Please allow me to clarify a few points, as there have been a few questions and some confusion.

First, I am not renaming Baylis Cycles. Baylis Cycles is and always be just me and only me. One man, one frame, literally start to finish. No apprentices, helpers, or investors of any sort. The new business will be completely seperate from my business. It will be an LLC and a 50/50 partnership. We will be a painting, restoration, decal reproduction, and polishing company. I may produce the greatest thing known to MAN at this facility (yes, that would be the chrome donut!) and who knows what else. I may upon occassion conduct Master Classes in framebuilding and/or basic framebuilding courses. I believe Craig intends to learn to build frames by observing and through becomming expert at frame repairs and eventually build frames under his own name. The name of this company is not yet 100% officially decided.

The plan is that as soon as he can learn all of the steps, Craig will take over the majority of the painting duties in the restoration department. We may take on help as neccessary. I will continue to personally paint frames built by custom builders who request my services. Most notably Richard Moon. I hope to eventually cultivate a few other builders. We will be expanding our specialty beyond what I do now. We will also be operating a polishing service.

I plan to spend the overwhelming percentage of my time building the type of traditional frames I have always built using as much vintage material as possible. I want to do several "special projects". I plan to get out on my bike more often. Everything will change for the better. I can hardley wait to get rolling, in more ways than one.

So that's the deal. Everything is pretty near normal, just a minor case of getting anxious.

Had two very satisfying conversations with two of my favorite people and very best friends, Joe Bell and Craig Fenstermaker, and I feel much more calm and ready.

Also regarding frame prices, since the company of Baylis Cycles is just me, it will operate as it always has. Without concern for money. The object and purpose of my framebuilding I shall state on the framebuilders list in responce to questions posed there. The problem with my backlong isn't in too high a demand. I believe the demand, my prices, and the market are pretty much in alignment. The obstruction has been always the paint business, which is also what kinda pays the bills. A Catch-22, so to speak. I believe my solution takes care of everything.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA There are no competators in our business, only friends and colleuges.

-- "Peter Jon White" wrote:

He probably would. But if the situation is truly "desperate", something has to give.

When demand for your services is greater than your ability to supply, you end up rationing by some means. You can hold a lottery to see who's order gets worked on, you can work on the frame for whichever customer has gotten angriest with you for not finishing the job in a reasonable time (grease the squeeky wheel), or raise prices and see which customers still value their cash less than your services at the new price. Regardless, someone is not going to continue being a customer, even if Brian dropped his prices to zero.

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> I think what Brian might be saying is that if he
> raises his prices too high, then he might possibly
> lose some CR clientel which are the people he/we like
> to hang with :)
> Derek Willburn
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> wrote:
> > If you can't keep up with the demand at $4,000.00,
> > then by definition there
> > is room. The excess demand for your frames is
> > telling you that your price is
> > too low.
> > Peter Jon White
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> > > Peter,
> > >
> > > Of course you are correct. Unfortunately, it is
> > not in my nature, and I
> > really don't know why. I suppose it has to do with a
> > certain amount and type
> > of sympathy for customers in general. > >
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> > > Brian Baylis
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