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Subject: [CR]gios aero questions

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>another little project.
>kim klakow
>berlin, closer to Turin than Missoula, germany

i've won this "little project" so can anyone tell me a little more about this model? what's the difference between the SR, Professional and Aerodynamic? most gios stuff i've found in the archives and elsewhere focuses on the super record and the color. even the gios website has many pictures of the SR, a few for the Pro and only 1 in a box for the aero. and what's 'columbus air' tubing?

so once i get this frame and it checks out fine, any suggestions on where to start? did it originally come with the parts listed in the auction? i think i would like to get it relatively close to period correct. i'm hoping i can even figure out what 'period' this comes from. when did they stop making these?

if this is OT sorry for the inconvenience. i have many questions and don't even have the f&f yet!

seems like i have some time to do research since this is coming from Deutschland.

Eric Acuna Santa Rosa(closer to missoula then either turin or berlin), CA