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Subject: Re: [CR]gios aero questions
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 16:02:43 +0000

Eric wrote:
> >
> i've won this "little project" so can anyone tell me a little more about
> this model? what's the difference between the SR, Professional and
> Aerodynamic? most gios stuff i've found in the archives and elsewhere
> focuses on the super record and the color. even the gios website has many
> pictures of the SR, a few for the Pro and only 1 in a box for the aero. and
> what's 'columbus air' tubing?
>From memory, I believe the aerodynamic differed because of the mounting of the shift levers, the 'aero' fork crown and blades (internally 'lugged' and 'slippery' design), aero stays (slightly teardropped shape of stays) Alfredo also used to say with a twinkle in his eye that the paint was also special 'slippery' paint.
> so once i get this frame and it checks out fine, any suggestions on where to
> start? did it originally come with the parts listed in the auction? i think
> i would like to get it relatively close to period correct. i'm hoping i can
> even figure out what 'period' this comes from. when did they stop making
> these?

As the photo on the Gios site points out, most Gios bikes were sold as frames alone, so feel free to put whatever you want on the bike. The bike is from the first part of the 80's. Super Record would indeed have been common at the time.
> if this is OT sorry for the inconvenience. i have many questions and don't
> even have the f&f yet!

It probably does just sneak in under the deadline to be considered on topic. By the way, the cycling team is Ijsboerke not Ljboerke as indicated in the auction description. 'Ijs' is the Dutch or Flemish equivalent for 'Ice'. 'Boerke' is the familiar diminutive of 'Boer' which translates to 'Farmer'. Harking back to the period in the 80's when I lived in Belgium, I seem to recall that Ijsboerke was a company that sold home-delivered frozen foods .

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ